AVAYA IP Office Mobile – How It Works

AVAYA IP Office Mobile – How It Works

AVAYA Mobile Suite for Enhanced Performance at Workplace


AVAYA IP Office Mobile Suite has been specifically designed to help businesses increase productivity at workplace and reduce cost of mobile workforce.


AVAYA IP Office Mobile VoIP Client


Using VoIP over Wi-Fi allows businesses to reduce costs and improve their performance across the organisation. Mobility client now comes in a modified version enabling businesses to use it in the VoIP mode. Mobile VoIP eventually makes it possible for them to make calls over Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G networks, leading to more stable and efficient communication.


Mobility client is made to register with the AVAYA IP Office over the network. Mobility client uses SIP stack to do so. Consequently, the mobility client is operated as an extension to the AVAYA mobile suite, facilitating business communication and allowing the use of VoIP over Wi-Fi networks.


Using AVAYA IP Office mobile VoIP client, businesses can reduce costs by using VoIP over Wi-Fi networks and can make use of numerous telephony features offered by AVAYA. AVAYA mobile VoIP client offers compatibility with both call-back mode and VoIP mode. Hence, using AVAYA mobile VoIP clients, users can enjoy more flexibility and they may choose a mode that is more suitable to work with their network connections. Hence, with AVAYA IP Office mobile suite, businesses have the liberty to choose a mode which goes with their voice or data plan and the quality of their data network connection.


Flare Experience for AVAYA IP Office


AVAYA Flare Experience is one of the most innovative products by AVAYA, which is specifically designed to facilitate communication in the future, as well as the present. AVAYA Flare Experience by AVAYA IP Office facilitates high-performance through the creation of a collaborative system on iPad’s and Windows.


IP Office Release 8.1 introduced AVAYA Flare Experience which is equipped with numerous advanced features such as IM, point-to-point audio and video. However, with the emergence of AVAYA IP Office Release 9.0, Flare Experience now offers increased value and utility to the users. AVAYA Flare Experience is now able to support efficient communication and collaboration through its multi-party audio conferencing feature. This ultimately results in increased productivity at the workplace.


Instant Messaging and Presence Enhancement


With the launch of AVAYA IP Office Release 9.0, AVAYA Flare Experience now also extends support for the formation of XMPP groups. This allows logical grouping and offers support to both ends of the spectrum including IP Office administrators and the end users. It particularly helps with:


  • Easy directory navigation by decreasing the rota size
  • Enhanced scaling and lower network traffic
  • Improved communication within groups


AVAYA One-X Portal


Release 9.0 has also introduced AVAYA One-X portal which offers enhanced desktop integration. AVAYA One-X plug-in is particularly focused on increasing productivity.


Distinct AVAYA One-X features include:


  • Support for Microsoft Outlook 2013
  • Instant Messaging
  • Easy directory organisation and navigation
  • Compatibility with Citrix platform
  • Specification of dialling rules
  • Secure communication


AVAYA SBCE Support for IP Office Soft-Clients


AVAYA SBCE in unification with Release 9.0 offers extensive support for remote workers, to some of its soft-clients. It features:


  • AVAYA One-X mobile suitable for iOS
  • AVAYA One-X suitable for Android
  • AVAYA Flare Experience for iPad
  • AVAYA Flare Experience Windows


AVAYA Mobile Client Free Demos


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