The benefits of hosted VoIP services are numerous, so we’ve put together this simple guide of 15 reasons why hosted VoIP is worth the investment.

1) Simpler Management

It’s incredibly easy to get started with VoIP. The only equipment you need is the handsets that can use the same switches and wiring as your local area network. Customer support can vary between vendors, but connecting your business to Hosted VoIP services does not require a great deal of internal skills and expertise.

2) Contact Centre Support

If you opt for a hosted VoIP vendor that will support the needs of your contact centre, you can benefit from Unified Communications (UC), reporting and monitoring, interactive voice recognition (IVR) and smarter call routing.

3) Add-on Features

There are a number of great add-ons that you can benefit from with a hosted VoIP service, including data integration, voicemail to email transcription, automated call distribution, interactive voice recognition, smarter call routing, remote management, web-based administration, video and chat.

4) Scalability and Flexibility

Hosted VoIP gives you the opportunity to easily add phone lines straight from your management portal at a fixed monthly rate; all you require is a handset. The scalability and flexibility of VoIP make it useful for businesses that experience seasonal staff fluctuations or businesses that are growing quickly.

5) Data Integration

Choosing a VoIP that can be integrated with your tool for customer relationship management enables you to develop insight into every voicemail, email or chat that your customer uses to connect to your business.

6) Unified Business Communications Potential

By connecting your data, internet connectivity, add-on services and phones into a single network, you can benefit from improved team collaboration, higher employee productivity, quicker troubleshooting, and improved transparency.

7) Cost Savings

The average company has the chance to save 40% using hosted VoIP instead of analogue and businesses with high international calling requirements have the opportunity to save 90%.

8) Reliability

Hosted VoIP offers guaranteed quality of service, strong service uptime and positive customer feedback.

9) Reduce Trunk Lines

Renting trunk lines can be expensive for businesses that depend on voice for customer interaction and internal communications, and so reducing it can be extremely beneficial.

10) State of the Art VoIP System

With a hosted VoIP system, you can rest in the knowledge that your technology will be updated regularly to ensure it can function optimally.

11) Mobility

For businesses that require their employees to travel or work remotely, mobile hosted VoIP systems are ideal for customer service and productivity.

12) Customer Service

With a reliable hosted VoIP system, your customers can talk directly with the right representative straight away. This will lead to improved call quality, faster responses and less busy signals.

13) Productivity

VoIP can give your business the opportunity to access voicemail transcripts via email so that you can respond to customer enquiries quickly.

14) Pay as you Grow

Hosted VoIP gives you the opportunity to only pay for the services that you need so that you can have a more cost-efficient service.

15) Future Proof

As soon as new features are available, a hosted VoIP provider will make them available to you so that you don’t have to worry about a huge equipment upgrade in future.

To learn more about the hosted phone system benefits available for your business, get in touch with our team at Staveley Communications today.

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