If you’re contemplating a phone system upgrade, there are many benefits to potentially enjoy. It’s important to make an informed decision, however, before you actually make the leap. As a part of that informed decision-making process, here are four key questions you should think about before making the move.
#1. Will I Need Hardware And Software Upgrades?

There are investments that need to be made when upgrading to a VoIP system. You’ll need to invest in new telephone handsets, or adapters if your current phones can take them, as well as headsets, tablets, and laptops if required. You might also have to discuss a change in service package with your internet service provider in order to cover the increased bandwidth you’ll be using. Larger businesses may prefer to invest in an on-premises server installation.

2. What Features Can I Expect From VoIP?

VoIP systems offer a number of features that can be tailored to your business needs. Features include call recording, forwarding, and monitoring, instant messaging capability, and even fax if required. There are also voicemail and even email transcription features available for further convenience.

3. Will I Need To Retrain My Employees?

Yes, your employees will need to be trained to operate a VoIP system. It’s important to remember, however, that VoIP systems are designed with accessibility and usability in mind. So, your employees will not take any time at all to be able to grasp and use the features of your VoIP system reliably.

4. Should There Be Any Hidden Costs To Expect?

You should never have to anticipate hidden costs when it comes to upgrading your business phone service. A VoIP business phone system provider should explain to you all of the costs you will encounter well in advance. Upgrading your infrastructure isn’t free – there will be costs associated and investments you need to make – but these should all be explained to you clearly and well in advance. If you’re ever in any doubt, ask your service provider directly.

Making A Key Decision For Future Growth

There are many advantages of VoIP phone system integration your business could stand to benefit from. A VoIP system is configurable, scalable, reliable, and affordable. Whether your business is small or large, a VoIP system is the perfect basis on which to consistently develop your plans for growth.

If you have any questions about VoIP, or to discuss integrating it into your business, contact Staveley Comms today.

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