The countdown has begun and the pressure is on – Valentine’s Day is coming! 

Not found the perfect gift? Not to worry… here, with the help of Communicate Better, we bring you five meaningful gift ideas for the technology fanatic in your life.


1. Pillow Talk

Feel closer to your other half than ever before – Hear your loved ones’ heartbeats with Pillow Talk (£136).

Each partner gets a wristband and speaker, which transmits and receives the other’s heartbeat.


2. Lovebox

Turn ordinary messages into cute surprises. With Lovebox (£112.99), you can send photos, love notes, drawings or stickers to that special someone.

The heart of the Lovebox will spin when the receiver gets a message.

Your loved one can spin the heart to send you back a waterfall of hearts on the app.


3. Bond Touch

Stay connected with your special someone. A Bond Touch bracelet (£86.67) is perfect for mimicking the natural vibration of their touch.

Light up your loved ones bracelet with a colour of your choice.


4. Infinite Objects video print

Transform a video clip into a moving piece of art.

An Infinite Objects video print (£58) is a moving video print that can be displayed anywhere.


5. Heart USB mouse

Want to keep it simple? Treat your partner to a heart-shaped USB mouse (£10.82) that glows when they use it.

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