You may have noticed new buzzwords in relation to the office environment creep into our vocabulary over the last few years. Words like ‘hot desks’ ‘mobile working’ and ‘softphones’ are all fairly common phrases heard in the workplace in the 21st century and for good reason- a modern office is a streamlined office. Wireless solutions are built-in to many of our devices, wireless internet, wireless printers, even wireless charging. Not to mention that people want to stay connected no matter where they are in the office without stumbling over dozens of cables and wires.

Employees are becoming more ‘tech-savvy’ as the years go on, and as our technology continues to progress there has been a focused movement to get more of our business to the cloud, even our critical applications; and it begs the question, does this sound like your office? With the emphasis on cloud and wireless computing, it is important not to get left behind. If you’re looking around the office and think you’re due an upgrade, read on.

Taking a sole wireless approach to office-life means you have to consider many factors to consider before starting. Managing each network individually, using real time applications and an ever-increasing capacity of users, have the potential to cause problems and headaches. The expectations of a wireless solution are also higher than ever before. Simple things such as booking a hotel has been adversely changed by wireless technology– online reviews can easily sway people from staying away. This is the impact of a casual user who simply uses the internet as a piece of entertainment and a place to inform, and be informed, so what can you expect from someone that is reliant on a wireless network to hit their targets and run their business?

A question to ask yourself is “do you want an all-wireless office or simply the user experience?” Although opinion is split between varying degrees of opinion, you’re not like to lose your Ethernet connection any time soon, but chances are you already have at least some wireless appliances (phones printers, laptops, scanners.) and as this number continues to grow on your network, you may find it starts to struggle as we become more and more dependent on wireless devices.

What is the plan here? Do you upgrade your wireless solution so it can handle more connected devices (802.11ac for example) or do you stay with hardwired devices and struggle along (remember it’s only going to get worse as more and more devices are added to it) A wireless office is the future and it is worth future-proofing now before any major issues arise, your business and team grows and the technology becomes outdated.

Get in touch with Staveley Communications on 0845 075 8880 and we can help you find and choose the right wireless solution for your business, with suppliers such as Siklu and Ubiquiti, we can even include a free demo.

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