What is AVAYA IP Office 500?

AVAYA IP Office 500 is an industry-leading telephone system, designed to provide unified communication support to small and medium sized businesses. It is one of most popular products devloped by AVAYA, recognised for its high-performance and integrated solutions, world-wide. AVAYA IP Office 500 has been designed to provide sophisticated real-time solutions to a wide range of businesses. It can be an ideal solution for SMEs which fall within the range of 5 to 2000 employees.

Deliverance of top of the line communication solutions has made AVAYA telephone systems a leading choice of many small and medium sized businesses. At Staveley Communications, we provide installation and telephone system maintenance services for AVAYA IP Office 500 to more than 500 businesses.

AVAYA IP Office 500 offers dynamic solutions across a broad spectrum of businesses and industries. Whether it is a start-up, a growing enterprise or an established mid-sized business, AVAYA IP Office 500 provides standard unified communication solutions to businesses and enterprises of varying sizes.


What Do AVAYA IP Office Business Telephone Systems Have to Offer for Your Business?

  • AVAYA telephone systems allow you to expand your business in a cost-effective manner. AVAYA IP Office 500 provides you with a stable unified platform to grow without having to source out additional technological support.
  • Enhanced real-time collaboration from telephony to advanced unified communication
  • Comprehensive communication solutions in unification with AVAYA intuitive and centralised management tools, AVAYA data networking products and its other security features.
  • Networking assistance for up to 32 locations
  • Access to sophisticated SIP, IP, digital and analogue technology which may be used in various different combinations
  • Video collaboration facilities via AVAYA RadVision Scopia and AVAYA Flare Experience products
  • Enhanced communication with the customers with the facility to track, record and report calls
  • Ability to launch applications across a wide spectrum of segments and individuals. AVAYA telephone systems allow you to launch applications that can be easily accessed and used by customer service representatives and supervisors and remote and other office employees.

Presently, AVAYA IP Office is widely appreciated for delivering top quality unified communication solutions to small and medium sized businesses. AVAYA has till now installed more than 300,000 business telephone systems world-wide and if you need help with their installation or telephone system maintenance, give us a call now.

AVAYA telephone systems are designed to provide extended support to businesses, in the present and the future. They lead to the implementation of cost-effective solutions and allow for a more flexible workforce and easy operation.


Flexible Workforce with IP Office

AVAYA IP office 500 allows easy networking and improved collaboration between individuals, to form teams that work productively. These business telephone systems can help you make smarter and quicker decisions to generate tangible results. AVAYA telephone systems redefine communication and collaboration. These are designed to facilitate responsiveness, accessibility and productivity. IP Office allows you to combine your strengths and achieve results to the best of your potential.


Easy to Use and Scalable Solution

IP Office is flexible in terms of growth and expansion. It can be easily modified to connect from as few as five employees to as many as 2000. It is a one-time investment and it grows as your business grows. Through telephone system maintenance services provided by Staveley Communications, you can ensure that your AVAYA IP Office business telephone systems have an extended life, as you expand your enterprise.

AVAYA IP Office 500 offers dynamic and diverse solutions ranging from basic telephony to mobility and call centre applications and video conferencing. These business telephone systems can be used to connect to a single location or extensively reach out to 32 locations. Flexibility is IP Office’s forte, allowing it to establish connection between varying number of employees and locations.

AVAYA telephone systems can also be used in combination with various AVAYA products and facilities, which enhances their functionality and value for the businesses. These have been designed to comply with the size, nature and values of your business.


IP Office is a Solution for Future

AVAYA IP Office has been created with the approach to remain as beneficial and functional in the future, as it is today. It is a one-time investment offering future stability, technological support and innovation. It can be easily modified to provide enhanced solutions and deliver high returns.


AVAYA IP Office 500 Demos

Staveley Communications offers free on-site demos for AVAYA IP Office 500, so that you may realise its real potential. To book a demo, call us on 0845 075 8880 or make use of our online booking form.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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