Our communications are expanding across various other platforms like email and video everyday. So should voice should still remains an essential part of your business? We think so; if your company has already moved to the cloud, it’s easy to transition your telephony as well.


A cloud-based phone system has built-in resilience. For example, in the case of a disaster such as a fire or flood, inbound phone calls could be instantly rerouted. Even from one office in one city to entirely other office in another location in a different city. There will be damage to expensive hardware either, as it is cloud-based, it means everything will be held off-site in a secure location.


What else can I do?


You can also put settings in place to automatically reroute calls or send it straight to voicemail if you’re unavailable. In addition to this, if indeed anything does go wrong, then your I.T. department doesn’t have to be stretched as your provider will be able to support you remotely, and at no extra cost. Compared to having to get an expensive engineer round to your office, the savings made will be considerable.


A cloud-based VoIP phone system can be suitable for a diverse range of businesses, from SME’s to larger corporations. As long as you have an internet connection, all handsets are plug & play, so you can be setup quickly. The decision to invest in VoIP should come down to whether its capabilities fulfill your needs as a business. As our phones become more intelligent, our home and office internet becomes faster, and the features continue to be added the VoIP phones, the decision to invest in cloud-based internet phones will be all the more obvious.

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