Is your business prepared for what’s on the way? Unified Communications and VoIP are the next step to improving one of the most valuable aspects of your organization – communicating.


In a nutshell, Unified Communications is the integration of your various communication tools and software. For example instant messaging, IP phones, web and video conferencing, mobility systems and desktop and data sharing. Everything is integrated via the cloud.


If you have ever used Skype or Facetime over your smartphone then you will be familiar with this idea. Perhaps you have your iPhone set up so you can receive your text messages, calls and facetime’s on your MacBook. This again is the same school of thought when it comes to unified communications; everything is in the cloud, in sync and picks up with the other one leaves off.


By inter-connecting these systems, your business is not just being more productive, but you’re also gaining valuable insight into how well your business is doing and how to improve as such. Your business can also benefit from bringing your telephone and other communications systems up to date. That’s where unified communications and VoIP come into play.


How does unified VoIP work?


VoIP phones have considerably more features available out of the box than traditional landlines and are a lot easier to set up. They’re simply plug and play handsets and use your internet connection- no expensive hardware or phone lines to worry about.


When it comes to traditional phone networks, they usually require you to pay extra if you deal with calls abroad. With a VoIP phone system, you can reduce these expenses easily. International calls are often paid for with an allotted amount of “minutes” stored in your VoIP account, no need to worry about extortionate surprise call charges. On top of that, your VoIP phone system will allow you to have HD web conference sessions. No need to go visit clients, it can be done in crystal clear HD video in your own office.


VoIP phones for businesses are becoming the best new way for telephony to retain relevance in the modern world. The modern business world is all about constant contact and easy access for clients & employees alike, and using a VoIP phone system can be one of the quickest and easiest ways to make that happen, simply having your various communication platforms being merged and unified via the cloud.

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