SIP Trunks can offer great features at a cut-price compared to other telephony solutions, here’s a look at some of the most popular and important features available that you can benefit from:


Multiple DID Options


SIP trunking makes it possible for businesses to have phone numbers that appear local to a specific market without having a physical office in the area. This ensures n impression of trust to the customer/client.



Remote Offices with Local Numbers


SIP trunking makes it possible for employees to work from anywhere and still have a phone number that is local to wherever the business is based. Think of it as similar to softphone redirection.



Call Data Records


Call Data Records (CDRs) can help provide insight into your business form and activities. Making reports available in close-to real-time and make it easy to review call history for up to a year previously and see the retrospective performance of your staff.



Caller ID


As well as inbound Caller ID for every device, there is also customisable outbound Caller ID available. This allows you to set the individual or business name of the phone user.



VoIP and PBX Compatability Features


SIP is supported by many modern VoIP equipment and software including IP PBX systems, desk phones, & VoIP gateways. Simply choose the hardware and software combination that is right for you and your business.





Customers can take advantage of advanced voicemail features that are included in many PBX systems, such as voicemail to email, and visual voicemail are supported by SIP trunking.



Disaster Recovery


In an emergency, power outage, or other unexpected event that prevents employees from getting into the office. You can reroute SIP trunks to other locations so that business can continue uninterrupted. Even if you’re office is out of bounds, it can work for as long as you need it.

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