Getting a hosted telephone system that is highly intuitive, flexible and reliable is of course hugely important to any business, but something people often overlook is the call quality. Traditionally, telephone calls are sent at a rate of 64kbps usually, and this call quality has been the norm for decades. Some might even know it as ‘the telephone voice,’ such has this audio quality been synonymous with phone calls.


With modern hosted telephone systems however, HD voice quality has now become the norm thanks to transmitting over the internet as opposed to traditional copper lines. If our calls aren’t in this crystal clear quality, it is deemed insufficient and can cause problems down the line from simple misunderstandings with colleagues, all the way through to frustrated and angry customers, it is important that call quality stays consistently good if your business is too succeed.


Initially it could be worth checking to see if your hardware needs an update, if you have just had a new telephone system installed at your office it could create incompatibility problems or put extra strain on old hardware such as routers for example. It is also to remember to role of software such as firewalls, outdated versions can cause havoc with internet speeds and packet loss. The more the internet is used in your office, the more the reason to upgrade.


It is also possible to switch from Wi-Fi to an Ethernet and ensure a hardwired connection giving you the absolute best possible speed. However, Ethernet is not an option for some businesses, especially those who have hundreds of employees. In this case, it is possible to use a Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, otherwise known as a DECT. These are cordless telephones that work on their own spectrum, it also comes with a base station that connects to your computer via USB.


If you wish to continue down the Wi-Fi route, it may also be a good idea to assess how your network is used, in particular how much bandwidth your employees are using and if there are any troublesome activities that may be causing congestion. Watching video for example, on YouTube can take up some considerable bandwidth, streaming music or the radio can also take up a noticeable amount. Taking into consideration the needs of others can free up bandwidth for the rest of the office, especially if the alternative is out of reach- installing a Committed Information Rate, or a CIR, which can secure a secure and set amount of bandwidth regardless of how busy your network connection gets.


There are numerous options available to boost your Hosted VoIP call quality. You’re not just restricted to having to get a technician in and assess the problem, it is something that many people can figure out and it doesn’t require a great deal of technical know-how either. Stay aware of your internet usage and if upgrades are necessary, then they may be worth it for the sake of your businesses success.

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