What is a Smart City? Although there is no dictionary definition, it can be viewed as an urban development vision which integrates information and communication technology alongside the Internet of Things (IoT) in a secure fashion to manage a city’s assets- such as things like local schools, libraries and traffic management.


Bradford’s city centre is one of the cities in the UK who are able to do all this (even with it’s population of 500,000) as it uses the palm sized EH-600 mmW (millimeter-wave) radio from Siklu to get an internet connection. Designed for installation at street level, the EH-600 mmW radio provides long-term gigabit capacity in a small unobtrusive size, making it blend into it’s environment on the city streets.


Alongside the Siklu EH-1200 80GHz (E-band) rooftop radios which deliver a backhaul network with 1Gb full duplex capacity and 256-bit AES encryption, replacing a citywide infrastructure that relied upon expensive leased lines, has resulted in “huge savings for Bradford City Council, as they do away with licensed microwave links and their expensive annual Ofcom charges.”


The E-band links have replaced a citywide infrastructure that relied upon expensive leased lines. The EH-1200 80GHz provides future proof capacity with a predictive performance aggregation layer to ensure interference free transmission.


Installed by local integrator Net View Systems, the network connects a BoschVideo Management System to a mix of 300 surveillance cameras from Axis Communications, Bosch Security Systems and HikVision. Siklu’s mmW system is used to transmit data from hundreds of traffic junctions and 26 variable messaging signs that are used for traffic management.


Whilst the Smart City is growing all around us and, maybe even coming to a city near your- maybe your city centre is equipped already? Above all else, it can’t be done without the effort of companies like Siklu and Net View Systems.

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