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“We have worked with Communicate Better for over 8 years and have always been happy with the service provided and their ability to keep us at the forefront of technology.

“We expect the new system will enable us to significantly improve our business processes and communication channels, resulting in tangible service improvements for our customers.”

Black Box Security


Black Box Security deliver fire and security solutions across the UK. The NSI Gold Approved Partners help clients combat risks and turned to us for a secure, fully converged technology solution.


To empower Black Box Security to manage a smart, reliable technology solution (Mobile, Telephony and Telematics) that proves simple and cost-effective, and ultimately, increases productivity.


Communicate Better, our parent company, introduced a powerful, Gamma SIP-based VoIP phone solution that simplifies call management.

Key team players can now seamlessly monitor calls from the comfort of their desk and achieve quality control, ensuring high customer service. Work can also keep flowing, no matter the time or location, thanks to smart mobile integration.

Black Box can now prioritise time-critical applications and embrace rich, reliable connectivity. Teams can easily handle emergencies by rerouting calls to backup sites within seconds, minimising any disruption to the business.

With all systems securely hosted in the Cloud, this has minimised any unnecessary expenses.

Meanwhile, integrated fleet management by Webfleet Solutions allows Black Box to easily allocate jobs to drivers and gain real-time visibility of their workforce. This ensures the field based team are always up-to-speed with orders and business is kept running at all times.


Since the implementation of our solutions, Black Box have noted a significant increase in productivity by over 21%.

Reliable connectivity has also helped Black Box save over 50% on line rental costs.

A further 18% in time savings is down to quicker completion due to no wasted journeys back and forth to the office between jobs. This has led to a significant reduction in fuel costs. The field based team can easily download manuals, job data, schematics and plans for the projects they are working on – all in real-time.

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