Chorley Group case study.

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We’re absolutely thrilled with the service and support across our multiple sites.

“The solution and guidance we’ve received from the team has helped make a real difference in the running of our operation. We could not be happier!”

Chorley Group


Chorley Group are a leading car specialist, operating internationally with 6 key dealerships and 4 franchises.

They required a smart solution to help ensure their offices always stay connected and staff can communicate across their multiple sites.


To enable Chorley Group to take advantage of a wireless connectivity and Cloud based telephony that proves cost effective and boosts productivity.


Communicate Better, our parent company, introduced a powerful, Cloud based phone solution that simplifies call management by enabling the team at Chorley Group to connect and collaborate from any location, anytime and from any device.

Meanwhile, advanced wireless access points, fibre connectivity, and firewall protection all help provide secure access for public users.

With Communicate Better’s solution, Chorley Group also benefit from high-speed data, free and constant upgrades, as well as dedicated support and maintenance.


Chorley Group have noted that rich connectivity ensures there is no downtime, which has helped boost productivity by over 14%.

Chorley Group have been able to save time and money through a flexible and reliable solution that keeps systems running at all times.

With all systems securely hosted in the Cloud, we have removed the need for a physical infrastructure, as well as unnecessary expenses.

Unsurprisingly, this has led to a 19% increase in customer satisfaction.

The dedicated service and support has also helped build a lifelong relationship with Chorley Group.

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