Gascoigne Halman case study.

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Whereas before we’d have had several members of staff manning the phones, now using the intelligence the system gives us, we can instead have more people out showing our clients properties and ultimately closing sales. We couldn’t be happier with the system.”

Gascoigne Halman


Gascoigne Halman had outdated and differing phone systems in each of its 17 branches; with no connectivity between any of the sites. Staff couldn’t transfer calls between the sites and they had no voicemail. Furthermore, they needed someone to staff each of the 17 sites constantly just in order to take calls.


To allow Gascoigne Halman to manage multi-site calls and increase productivity using a cost effective solution.


Communicate Better, our parent company, tested each site for cabling, installed new switches, ran comprehensive checks and then provided full on-site training for all 112 users across the different sites. Each site was up and running within just one day ensuring business continuity for Gascoigne Halman.


Communicate Better have reduced costs substantially by enabling all calls between Gascoigne Halmans 19 sites to be free.

In addition to this, a fraud alert system was added to make the company aware of any unusual usage patterns.

By implementing individual voicemail and email roaming for staff, they have increased productivity all whilst raising their local and professional image and implementing a disaster recovery system allowing staff to work remotely.

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