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L’Oréal, a world leader in beauty and cosmetics, strive to be quick, efficient and constantly evolve to stay ahead of the competition.


To empower L’Oréal to manage multi-site calls, increase productivity and gain a return on investment.


We introduced a smart, powerful Cloud-based hosted phone solution that helps L’Oréal connect and collaborate across multiple sites.

The team at L’Oréal can now work remotely and easily manage calls, at their desk or from any location.

We have helped L’Oréal improve customer experience by utilising key features such as call control, click to dial, and call recording.

We have further eradicated the need for a physical infrastructure, minimised any unnecessary expenses, and seamlessly integrated the solution with their CRM platform.


Since the implementation of our solutions, we have noted 27% in time savings, and a 33% productivity increase.

Inevitably, this has led to a 12% boost in customer satisfaction levels thanks to an improved call experience.

We have helped revolutionise the infrastructure at L’Oréal – installing both hardware and software – and reducing expenditure by 14%.

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