National Football Museum case study.

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37% productivity increase

41% customer satisfaction boost


The National Football Museum is the UK’s only museum for football.


To deliver a smart, reliable, and fully converged technology solution (fixed line, mobile and IT services) – this includes cost-effective multiple connections for multi-media services, as well as voice and data communications to enable effective links for over 50 users across three sites; the museum itself, the Manchester offices and the resource centre in Preston.


Communicate Better, our parent company, delivered a powerful, hosted telephone solution, enabling calls to be answered and transferred seamlessly across the three main sites.

We offered better flexibility for the workforce, empowering staff to work from several locations, thanks to the ability to logon to their extension from anywhere. The project had high bandwidth requirements to support the museum’s multi-media installations. A 100MB Fibre Leased Line Circuit was installed for high speed internet access and was partitioned and utilised to pass call traffic. Quality of Service (QoS) was secured to give guaranteed call quality, which has the added benefit of not having any additional telephone line installation and rental charges, therefore making considerable savings for what is a charitable organisation.

Moreover, a full computer upgrade programme was undertaken incorporating Wi-Fi services, VPN and work from home solutions, with desktop and server support being provided on an ongoing basis. A range of smartphones were also supplied to integrate seamlessly with mail and calendar applications and also act as extensions of the fixed line system, all regardless of the physical location.


Since the implementation of our solutions, the National Football Museum noted a significant 37% increase in staff productivity, which in turn, led to reports of boosted customer satisfaction levels by over 41%.

Extensive testing was carried out on site with the interactive services providers to ensure that the systems provided the required capacity for all of the interactive experiences to work at once.

Once the installation was complete Communicate Better’s engineering team were on hand to provide support until opening night, assisting with problem solving, delivering within budget and on time for the launch. Along with The Printworks and The Triangle, the National Football Museum now forms a trio of developments for which Communicate Better provide converged solutions building on their success in this thriving part of the city.

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