How Businesses Can Save with SIP Trunks

What are SIP Trunks?   SIP trunks are a communications protocol that replaces old fashioned, analogue land lines by unifying voice and data communications. SIP allows the combination of voice and data services over a single … Continued

SIP Trunking - The Basics

The Internet has forever changed how people consume media, shop, work and how businesses and consumers communicate. For example, we are seeing older, traditional business telephone systems getting replaced with newer technologies that use and transmit over an internet … Continued

What are the Best SIP Trunk Features?

SIP Trunks can offer great features at a cut-price compared to other telephony solutions, here’s a look at some of the most popular and important features available that you can benefit from:   Multiple DID Options … Continued

Sip Trunking: Do's and Don'ts

Like many businesses, you might be considering moving away from traditional phone lines and towards more convenient and cost-effective solutions like VoIP, IP Phones and SIP Trunking. Talking about these things with your staff, in … Continued