How VoIP can Help Train Your Employees

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What separates the Avaya IP Office 500 from its competition?

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How to Boost your Hosted VoIP Call Quality

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How To Keep Your Customers On The Phone

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How On-Hold Music Can Help Your Business

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What are the Benefits of FreeSWITCH?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]freeSWITCH is an alternative VoIP solution developed in 2006 to improve stability and scalability. It has many benefits when compared to the competition, especially the platform of which is spun off from- Asterisk.   Performance:   Official … Continued

SIP Trunking - The Basics

The Internet has forever changed how people consume media, shop, work and how businesses and consumers communicate. For example, we are seeing older, traditional business telephone systems getting replaced with newer technologies that use and transmit over an internet … Continued

Why Choose VoIP Phones Over Traditional Telephony?

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Migrating from legacy telecoms systems to VoIP

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Keep Your VoIP Service Up When the Internet Goes Down

Since it's introduction in 1995, VoIP has become more and more popular with businesses big and small due to its ability to decrease costs and provide more flexibility in comparison to landline phones.   VoIP calls are made over … Continued