It should go without saying that choosing the right business phone system for your company is important for a variety of reasons. If you choose correctly, it could mean good customer satisfaction scores and better and easier communication between staff and customers.


Whether you are setting up a new business, or are already established in your sector and want to move from your existing telephony solution to a new one, there are a range of factors to consider before deciding on the right system.


Each business will be different depending on what they’re exactly after, however it is fair to say that every business should look for a system that can physically handle high volumes of calls. Even if you’re just an SME, it is entirely plausible that your business could grow at a substantial rate. It is important that your telephony keeps up. You may have an unexpected surge in public interest and need a phone system that can handle a sudden spike.


You may also want to see exactly what is going on with your call statistics. Call reporting, for example is a vital component of effectively managing and improving call rates. Call recording allows you to listen back to conversations and learn where you went wrong, what you did right etc. There other features too such as advanced voicemail and call flow options. Also included is dial-back, and audio information to help customers who are calling during busy periods.


What if I just want something simple?


On the reverse of this, you cold simply be looking for a more cost-effective basic phone system. With a cloud-based VoIP system, you can get a plug and play handset. You can still gain plenty of new and exciting features at a substantially lower price than before. There’s no need for costly installation fees or big expensive hardware; just plug and play handsets, and your internet connection.


Whether you’re a business in it’s first beginnings or whether you’re grizzled veterans, there are options for all when it comes to your phone system. If you want something to intelligently handle your calls whilst saving plenty a month, or you need to futureproof and need the best of the best, there is something for everyone.

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