Who likes being put on hold? It can be one of the most frustrating aspects of calling a business. However it is still an important part of telephony. Music on Hold is a convenient way of dealing with callers who are waiting for your services. A poor Music on Hold system can be destructive especially if the caller is met with the sound of silence (which can sometimes be interpreted as the call dropping out), or even worse; a muffled rendition of Vivaldi’s ‘Spring’ (as made famous by the Job Centre). It has been found that 60% of people tend to hang up if they’re left waiting for more than one minute.


On-Hold Music To Suit

There are ways around this necessary evil however, you can incorporate on-hold music into your business telephony and ensure that you select the right music for your brand and customer base or clientele. Take something simple; if you sell to what are primarily older customers, then contemporary pop music might not be the best choice, and likewise, if you engage with a younger audience base, then try not to use classical music. If you are a dentist or a GP’s clinic it might be wise to choose something relatively calm and soothing to ease the nerves of the caller in what could be a stressful time.


Don’t Forget Copyright

It is also important to remember to take copyright into account. Don’t use your iTunes or Spotify playlists, you don’t hold the legal copyright to play these songs in public, which in some cases can be a criminal offence. There are plenty of royalty-free songs available online for you to choose from instead.


Market Your Business

If you really want to mix it up, try using the on-hold time as a marketing exploit. Don’t just have a voiceover thanking them for holding the line and how much you value them as a customer. Whilst these are good tactics, why not provide special offers during this time? Maybe even on-hold exclusives if you really want to put the boat out. Not only are people more inclined to stay on the line in this case, there is the potential for an extra sale.


Ensure Variety

It’s all well and good having the right music for your audience but if it’s the same song on a loop then it will ensure a quick call termination, so try to mix it up and have a variety of songs available. Many VoIP providers now offer the ability to have different music and messages based on a wide range of factors- such as time of day, extension and caller ID information.


In conclusion…

The simple fact is, customers don’t like being put on hold, even if it’s just for a few seconds. However you can ensure that the person on the other end maintains a professional view of your company by provider suitable and engaging on-hold music, coupled with potentially interesting offers and deals to entice them and ensure they don’t put that phone down. Simply use the tactics we’ve provided, and you should see an improvement in your call retention.

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