Studies have shown a growing increase in migration to internet-based telephony solutions for many businesses across the UK. Here are why Hosted VoIP phones and IP telephony is becoming so popular:


Financial Savings


The most attractive feature of Hosted VoIP represents its potential to reduce your costs. VoIP reduces the need for expensive equipment, need for callouts, man-hours and maintenance costs. All data and traffic is integrated into a physical network, reducing the need for separate lines, which reduces costs further.




Many business owners today use IP phones when traveling, utilizing the same single number everywhere. These softphone applications allow a huge deal of flexibility and can cut costs for your business.There is also the potential personal savings for your staff, allowing them to make calls for free.


User control interface


Many Hosted VoIP providers and services offer a GUI as standard. This allows users to change the options, features or services and customise it to their own desires. For example, you can change the number of call forwarding, speed dial, information about the availability (if other contacts are online, offline), black list / white list, on-hold music, etc.


No geographical limitations


Hosted VoIP does not have geographical limitations, therefore, country code is not tied to a specific location. Depending on your package and service, calls to foreign countries will not cost anymore than call to the office next door.


Large number of features


Hosted VoIP offers a a great number of features that you can’t find on traditional landlines. These can include click-to-call from a Web page, selective call forwarding, custom ring tones, the ability to simultaneously call multiple phones, etc.

As Hosted VoIP phones continue to out-do older landline phones in terms of features and the cost of running them, the idea that you can make savings through upgrading to something better should appeal to all businesses. Your staff performance should improve and be more efficient and your company coffers should look better.


Move to hosted VoIP today

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