Did you know that VoIP (voice over internet protocol) network management and call routing no longer needs to be hosted on-site? For a fixed monthly or yearly fee, you can rent space on our cloud-based VoIP network. Remote cloud trunking will monitor, direct, and connect your SIP request automatically, according to the rules you set – just as it would if you used on-site hardware to route your internal call traffic over internet connections. Open and closed IP connectivity can create virtual spaces accessible to all numbers (as with regular ISDN calls) or closed, to simulate a company-wide intranet or internal telephony service.

Staveley Comms proudly offers our Hosted Telephony service to our clients throughout the UK alongside more traditional, fixed VoIP installations and software integration. Both have strengths and limitations that might make one more suited to your business.

Here’s our quick guide on what to expect from both.

‘Hosted’ VoIP Call Management

A ‘Hosted’ VoIP system is one that’s run for you remotely by a third-party company. Using OPEX cloud technology, your local internet calls are rerouted and ‘bounced’ to where they need to go by remote servers. Management, maintenance, and call logging and analysis are all done by that third-party in exchange for a set fee. Access to the system is provided via a dedicated login and app dashboard – accessible anywhere with working internet.

  • Flexible – can be configured to fit a wide variety of spaces as a virtual network
  • Cost-effective – save huge amounts on line rental, phone purchases, and cable installations (up to c.70% of ISDN costs)
  • Remote management – administrators can carry out all standard monitoring, repair, and analysis tasks via a web portal
  • Straightforward installation, configuration, and user setup
  • Integrated it support and repair services
  • Works well across different sites
  • No need for bulky, expensive local hosting and VoIP hardware
  • Outages may be out of your control – internet breaks elsewhere can disable the service
  • Reliant on the quality of service of the third-party – pick a reliable provider

‘On-Premises’ VoIP Call Management

‘On-Premises’ is a more local way of handling VoIP calls. With private, locally-hosted VoIP management and routing hardware, you can route and manage your internet calls independently without having to rely on a third-party for support. Having on-site VoIP capabilities also opens up trunking and rule management options – and it’s still compatible with remote call management and routing solutions with tech support.

  • Self-ownership guarantees a better level of oversight
  • Dedicated hunt groups and department routing as standard
  • Compatible with older, legacy phone technologies
  • Maximises up-time and can be scheduled to optimise usage
  • Fixed cost outlay could be cheaper than renting cloud space
  • Still requires tech support and admin – either in-house or third-party
  • Not as resilient against local Internet and network failures – rerouting plans needed
  • On-site call usage only (without a dedicated access portal

Managed VoIP Systems from Staveley Comms

Do you need either type of VoIP solution to make your business the best it can be? At Staveley Comms, we stock, design, and supply hardware, cabling, and remote trunking software for both configurations. Talk to us today for a quote.

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