With communications forming a core part of the way your business operates, it’s essential to keep your phone systems updated. If you want to benefit from improvements in efficiency, affordability, reliability, and technological developments, you should upgrade regularly.

But how do you know what “regularly” actually means? Here are some things to think about when determining if a phone system upgrade is necessary.

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Common signs it’s time to upgrade

There are many times your business may face changes that can require a phone system upgrade. These can include:

  • Office/premises relocation
  • Failure of the current phone system
  • Customer, client, or employee complaints
  • Rising repair costs of the current system
  • Consistently increasing call volume
  • Your functionality demands grow
  • Taking on additional employees
  • Your business is operating over multiple sites
  • The current system cannot grow further

There’s no “defined” time when you should be thinking about a phone system upgrade. The average lifespan of a phone system is around 5-8 years, but some businesses change more or less often than that. It’s all about keeping a close eye on the actual needs of your business, and monitoring whether or not your current phone system is properly catering to them.

If you notice obvious shortfalls, it’s time to upgrade.

Upgrading to a VoIP solution

Upgrading to a VoIP phone system for small business use can be a worthwhile consideration when it’s time to update your communications. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is an increasingly popular method of handling your business phone calls. VoIP has the benefit of bringing a degree of stability to your infrastructure, offering lower and more consistent bills to make it easier for you to budget, as well as providing improved voice clarity for both inbound calls as well as inter-department communication.

A VoIP solution can be tailored to the needs of your business. If you want conference call capability, call centre management, mobile communication, and so much more, it’s all yours through VoIP!

A VoIP installation is also going to be far more scalable, which is a key consideration to make if you intend for your business to keep growing. As your business grows, your communication requirements, your infrastructure and your number of employees are going to change – it’s important your phone system can keep up.

When the time has come to upgrade your business phones to a modern VoIP system, contact Staveley Comms.

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