How To Choose The Right VoIP Phone System For Your Business

Communication is the backbone of any successful business. Whether it is keeping in touch with clients, staff or customers, effective communication is a must. For many businesses now, this means using a digital VoIP phone system as their telecoms network of choice. If you are thinking of switching to VoIP though, you might wonder how to choose the right system for your needs. To make this a bit easier, we have compiled some top tips below.

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Choosing A VoIP Phone System For Small Business Use

The very first part of the process is doing your research to find a reliable and experienced provider. This will ensure that the company who installs your VoIP system will do a good job and you get a top-class telecoms network to use. A good way to go about this is looking at online reviews or getting recommendations from other businesses.

Once you have found a decent VoIP provider, you should take a look at what plans they offer. This will ensure that the provider you choose has a plan which fits your budget and meets your needs. When thinking about your telecoms requirements, there are a few specific questions to ask yourself as below.

In-House Or In The Cloud?

This is a very important question to consider before choosing the right VoIP business phone system. An in-house VoIP system sees the infrastructure installed on your site. You would own the hardware and also be responsible for finding space to house it. A Cloud-based system, on the other hand, exists solely online and does not need any physical equipment on-site to work. Cloud-based VoIP systems for business are managed and maintained by your service provider.

The best choice comes down to what you personally prefer. An in-house system is perfect if you want to remain in total control of your network and own your own telecoms equipment. Cloud-based is better if you do not mind outsourcing and want to offload the running costs of your VoIP system to the provider.

Do You Need A Full VoIP System?

One of the appealing things about VoIP is how customisable it is. This means you can choose a system that does exactly what you require and only sees you pay for what you really need. For many businesses, a full VoIP system with physical desk handsets may not be worthwhile.

VoIP systems are able to contain ‘softphone’ tech which allows people to make calls on their business laptop. These ‘softphones’ offer the same benefits as a physical handset but deliver better remote working capabilities and a cost reduction (as you do not have to buy handsets). If you do not really need physical telephones, it is an option worth thinking about.

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