We all get annoyed and stressed out at work sometimes. It can over simple and trivial things like the printer not working or running out of coffee. Other times however, it can be considerably more serious. A high amount of Stress can affect employee morale and harm their productivity, which is bad on a personal and human level, but also from a business perspective. It is therefore important for managers and respective business owners to seek out ideas that can help push a stress-free work environment. One of these measures can be using VoIP technology and hosted phone systems in the office and beyond.


One of the immediate benefits that almost all employees will see when switching to VoIP is the ability to make, take and check their calls and voice mails when on holiday. Of course, not everyone thinks about work when taking their time off but there are those who worry about the rising stack of work that will inevitably greet them upon their return to the office. With VoIP however, worries like these can be calmed. Employees can be kept in the loop provided they have an internet connection. Voicemail can be sent as MP3’s or transcribed into text allowing for ease of use on both sides. There are no extra and unexpected charges when making calls either, as VoIP uses the internet and not your mobile minutes so whether at home or on the other side of the world, VoIP calls cost the same.


When business is booming, it can mean extra stress for your employees. A high number of incoming calls for example can be horrendously overwhelming, especially if you have insufficient numbers or there has been an unexpected spike in interest. Thankfully hosted telephone systems can come to the rescue here; The Auto-Attendant feature can help -reroute inbound calls to the correct department or person without the need or help of a physical operator. The Call Queue feature can also come in extremely handy in this scenario. It acts as a sort of virtual waiting room for callers while they wait for an agent to answer- allowing breathing room for your employees, and keeping your customers notified and orderly.


Stress can come in all shapes and sizes for workers. We all get stressed sometimes but we can still aim to minimise the best we can. Using the right tools for the job can have a big impact on this and help create an enjoyable atmosphere in (or outside) the office, all the while remaining productive and motivated.

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