It might just sound like a technical buzzword that could be confined to history in a few years time, but make no mistake, the Internet of Things (IoT) is here to stay and is making a big impact in the home market, but an even bigger splash in the business world.


IoT is a catch-all term for technology (applications, objects and items) that can communicate and operate via the internet. Think internet-controlled central heating and smart-lights for example.


One of the most groundbreaking IoT devices in the workplace is VoIP phones. Not only have they cut costs and improved staff efficiency and flexibility, they can be integrated with other IoT devices and applications. As mentioned earlier, VoIP-enabled devices (such as a mobile phone) can control lighting and heating in the workplace as well as at home, making the office an instantly more welcoming place. They can even use a Smart Lock, removing the need for office keys


Employees who work remotely can connect all their devices to all of the office equipment (printers and fax machines for example) without needing any I.T. or technical staff member to set up their desk, it can all be done on their end. Similarly, employees who work in multiple locations across the day can share files in any format to anyone, anywhere, and using any IoT device.


VoIP has significantly changed the way companies communicate, and do business generally. The IoT, despite the fact that it is still evolving and changing all the time, shows promise in providing new opportunities for growth and improvement in business. If you are able to combine VoIP with the IoT; businesses will be able to achieve brilliant results and reap the benefits that go well beyond what only VoIP can deliver, as offices become smarter and smarter, it only makes sense to start with one of the most important parts of it- your telephony.

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