Ethernet Over Fibre.

Over Fibre

At Staveley Comms, we offer Ethernet over Fibre internet that runs straight to your main office building, ensuring a quality connection which offers ultra-high bandwidth, complete privacy and more than ample security.

With download speeds as high as 1Gbps, this is currently the best performing and most reliable service we offer businesses that want nothing less than the fastest and highest quality internet connectivity.

Full Site Surveys

In order to properly implement an Ethernet over Fibre or leased line at your business premises, we’ll conduct a complete site survey to let you know what timeframe is required to complete the installation, and how much it will cost to implement it.

Up to 1Gbps

Depending on the bandwidth and internet demands within your business, we can offer packages as low as 10 Mbps or as high as a whopping 10 Gbps which allow you to simultaneously transfer high quality audio and video data without any hiccups at all.

Router Firewall

Given the support we have from top UK carriers like Virgin and BT Openreach, we provide high-end routers and firewalls to give you access to lightning fast internet and ultra-high security.

Postcode Checks.

Even though EFM is available in most rural and urban areas in the UK, postcode checks are necessary in order to determine how well an EFM circuit can perform in your locality.

Working with top providers like BT Openreach and Talk Talk, we’ll let you know if EFM will serve as a reliable internet option for your business.

Installation Diagnostics.

With top carriers backing us up all the way, your Ethernet over Fibre line can be implemented within 30-90 days and offers high scalability, so that you can upgrade bandwidth as and when desired.

Should there be any issues whatsoever with your leased line connection, we’ll send out our 24/7 team to remedy all issues swiftly.

Why Choose Ethernet Over Fibre

Ethernet over Fibre currently offers the fastest download speeds over fibre optic cable – from 100 Mbps to 1Gbps, all capable of sharing equal bandwidth. Download and upload speeds are always synchronised for optimal performance around the clock.

Large file transfers, high fidelity audio streaming, video conferencing calls in HD and VoIP phone calls that demand high bandwidth – all can be done simultaneously with no disruption or congestion whatsoever on your internet lines.

You may be running your business in a highly populated working area, in which case, your Ethernet over Fibre connection will be completely unaffected by other business sharing the same exchange connection.

Offering future-proof speeds and bandwidth, keep pace with changing standards of video and audio well into the next 5-10 years.

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