Large Enterprise Solutions.

If you’re a large enterprise looking for a SaaS solution which allows you to easily implement technology refreshes.

Take the load off your IT staff for infrastructure maintenance, and improve resilience and disaster recovery for business continuity – all you really need is a hosted telephony solution.

Cost Per User

When it comes to costs, you pay according to a per-user basis – since there’s no PBX purchase involved, you are looking at zero financing costs or hardware investments.

Assigned Numbers

Assign one number to each user, allowing them to work from anywhere, making your business more efficient and your personnel more productive.

Hosted Telephone

There’s no need to worry about natural disasters or utility roadworks – a hosted “in the cloud” telephony solution means there’s sustained business continuity, allowing you to make and take calls as you need, irrespective of ‘unforeseen circumstances’.

Complete Control

Hosted telephony also puts you in the driver’s seat by offering complete control over your business telephone system – offering an entire range of call handling and management options, controllable through a user-friendly online interface.

Why Choose StaveleyComms.

At Staveley Comms, we offer a highly cost-effective way for all your large enterprise employees to stay connected, no matter where they are.

Whether they’re working across multiple sites nationwide, within central offices or working while on the move, our innovative hosted telephony solutions can make your personnel more productive by making them easily available 24/7.

Irrespective of your business locations or number of employees, our hosted VoIP solutions give you complete peace of mind – form custom softphone apps and disaster recovery to cost-cutting and easy technology refreshes.

Undeniably, one of the immediate benefits of a cloud-based telephony system is that it complements your business continuity and disaster recovery planning. Make it easier on yourself to implement a more robust plan through an off-premise business telephone system. Have calls routed efficiently so that operations can continue uninterrupted between multiple sites.

All large enterprises must keep scalability at the forefront – hosted telephony solutions integrate mobile as well as fixed line services. These can be scaled up or down with great ease depending on your business objectives and staff requirements.

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