Medium Enterprise Solutions.

While seeking a business phone solution for your medium enterprise, you may have come across terms like ‘cloud based phone’ or ‘hosted telephony’.

If you’re thinking of passing them up in the hopes of saving costs, you really should reconsider: hosted telephony services are “the” choice for medium-scale enterprises.

Cost Per User

When it comes to costs, you pay according to a per-user basis – since there’s no PBX purchase involved, you are looking at zero financing costs or hardware investments.

Assigned Numbers

Assign one number to each user, allowing them to work from anywhere, making your business more efficient and your personnel more productive.

Hosted Telephone

There’s no need to worry about natural disasters or utility roadworks – a hosted “in the cloud” telephony solution means there’s sustained business continuity, allowing you to make and take calls as you need, irrespective of ‘unforeseen circumstances’.

Complete Control

Hosted telephony also puts you in the driver’s seat by offering complete control over your business telephone system – offering an entire range of call handling and management options, controllable through a user-friendly online interface.

Why Choose StaveleyComms.

Our hosted telephony solutions delivered over IP are ideal for medium enterprises in virtually any industry.

By delivering high-quality broadband and Ethernet products to your business premises, you can expect superb voice quality along with stringent SLAs.

Management reporting tools provide for a user-friendly interface through which you can view everything from extension and call rates to abandon rates, suspicious activity on the hosted telephony network and notifications if any SLAs have been missed.

Save Costs
Maintain Better Continuity.

GA cloud-based or hosted telephony solution means that your office’s dedicated private network, better known as PBX, is located within the VoIP network.

When office personnel make phone calls, they first go to the PBX within your VoIP’s network, after which they are routed to the destination, which could be an outside line or an internal office extension.

Therefore, your hosted PBX’s maintenance and infrastructure is all handled by your VoIP provider – one immediate benefit of this is that your IT department can not only cut down costs significantly but continue to focus on their key responsibilities and day-to-day tasks.

Since hosted telephony solutions make it much easier for a medium enterprise to grow steadily in future through an easy technology refresh, you are in a better position to make incremental changes, particularly as staff members come and go (by relying more OPEX rather than CAPEX).

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