It’s the 21st century, but it is not uncommon to see companies run outdated, legacy telecom systems that don’t support modern technologies and applications. Some might say that the risk of changing a reliable phone system for a relatively unknown VoIP solution may not be worth it, or too risky, even if they are aware of the advantages that it offers. This is a dangerous mindset however, it could hold a business back if you’re not careful. As smartphones become more advanced and able to do more and more, so should our office phones; and it’s not as if it will cost you more to gain access to these features.


What are the advantages of switching?


The main advantage of using a VoIP service is the cost savings. Compared to traditional legacy phone lines, there is the potential to save up to 85% off your monthly bill. Another big advantage is the portability; you can make calls and send message anywhere internet access is available, whether it be over 4G data or local WiFi using a softphone app on your computer or mobile phone.


Thankfully it has never been easier to make the switch to VoIP phones due to how simple the process is. Unlike traditional legacy phone systems there is no expensive hardware and complex landlines to worry about. It is a simple procedure of plug and play handsets connecting to your local WiFi, and you’re away! Staff can of course customise the interface of their phone to suit their needs. No technician or engineer required here.


You will be able to enjoy features such as a virtual receptionist, call forwarding and waiting, predictive dialing and video conferencing right away; no need to wait for remote activation from your provider, you start when you’re ready.

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