Using a mobile VoIP over Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G network to carryout business communication leads to cost saving. Mobile VoIP and business telephone systems can be synchronised together to provide companies with a cost-effective yet efficient way of communication.


At Staveley Communications, we offer our complete support to help you implement cost-effective and efficient communication solutions. Not only do we offer our assistance to provide you access to VOIP technology, but we also deliver comprehensive services for hosted telephone systems, including maintenance and installation.


VoIP makes use of ‘voice over IP technology’ to transfer digital signals from a mobile phone. It works jointly with a mobile phone’s network connection, allowing the users to make voice calls. Furthermore, if connected to Wi-Fi hotspots, VoIP devices can also facilitate cost reduction by eliminating calling costs of a mobile voice or data plan. Hence, Using VoIP over Wi-Fi in particular can lead to a significant reduction in calling and texting costs.


Apart from cost reduction, connecting mobile VoIP and business telephone systems may also lead to fast and efficient communication. Digital data that VoIP transfers between mobile and telephone devices is divided into multiple packets of information. Each of these packets is transferred individually, through the fastest route possible.


Our mobile VoIP support, installation and telephone system maintenance services are focused on providing you with extensive support to facilitate fast and affordable communication.


Mobile VoIP vs Mobile Voice Plan


Mobile VoIP over Wi-Fi leads to increased flexibility, scalability and significant cost-reduction. It entails fewer restrictions than mobile voice plan. VoIP and business telephone systems when connected together allow users to make free unlimited calls. It effectively covers areas in which mobile voice plan lacks. These include:


  • Mobile-to-mobile calling
  • Anytime minutes
  • Messaging restrictions
  • Night and weekend calling minutes
  • Incoming call charges
  • Rollover minutes
  • Roaming charges


In addition to these advantages, VoIP offers other facilities concerning the use of high bandwidth for the users as well. Using these high-bandwidth features via mobile voice plans, users can easily exceed the bandwidth limit and may face inconvenience.


Through our hosted telephone system maintenance services and extensive Hosted VoIP support at Staveley Communications, we make sure that you benefit the most out of this high-end technology.


How Can Mobile VoIP Benefit Businesses?


  • Support to streamline business operations which reduces overhead costs
  • Cost-effective solutions for remote working
  • Free calls via Wi-Fi and 3G networks
  • International calls at reduced costs
  • No roaming charges for international calls


Demos and Implementation of Mobile VoIP Technology


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