If you’re a business who spend time and money on providing and improving infrastructure for your employees to flexibly work , research shows that your employees may be more creative and could more likely to stay around and continue their employment journey with you. Keeping your employees chained to a desk may be traditional but it could actually be unproductive in some cases. In these uncertain times a howm working approach is paramount to business survival.

Until now allowing your workforce to be mobile (but still always available) was seen by many as the future. Your younger employees who have grown up with mobile phones and various sophisticated technology will be the big benefactors here, and will be very appreciative of this way of working.  Studies have shown that the majority of employees who have mobile working available will use it at some point.

The idea behind a mobile workforce is giving your employees the ability to access their applications, documents and data on any device, from any location at any time; provided they are connected to the Internet. With the widespread uptake of 4G on our mobile phones, this means constant access is a must and is becoming more and more accepted. Some business owners and directors may be reluctant to consider and adopt a mobile strategy; especially when understanding the costs involved and the required trust in the workforce.

Of course, costs can vary depending on individual circumstances for your business, but if you already have a hosted telephone system (such as a Horizon or 3CX telephone system for instance) it is very easy to upgrade. All that may be required is the installation of a softphone app on your mobile/laptop/tablet and you will be good to go. For other businesses however, there may be the opportunity to upgrade their entire phone system. Whilst upgrading from traditional copper wire systems may cost a lot initial, there are substantial savings to be made in the long run- having a mobile workforce, is just one side of the coin.

Not only is a mobile workforce good for morale but it can save a business when events such as COVID19 land upon us all) whilst also being hugely efficient and a highly productive way of working in general. The ability to work from home for some employees is simply the tip of the iceberg in this case, with increased access to work documents and data for employees. With more providers than ever before including mobile and softphone access in their packages, such as 3CX and Horizon where their unified communications package come with a unique architecture, working together as one, by design.

You can try a free demo of an Horizon Telephone Systems with Staveley Communications and see if it fits the need for your business. Send us an email at sales@www.staveleycom.com and we will get back to you.

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