A nightmare for any business, no matter the size, lugging all your stuff from one place to another is a chore- and that’s just one half of the problem! When you’ve arrived in your new digs, you have to get everything set up, plugged in, charged up and no doubt there will be a few kinks along the way. Thankfully having VoIP phone can take the stress and time-consuming nature out of moving offices, no matter if you’re moving next door, or to the other end of the country.


No Telephone Lines


The main advantage VoIP phones have over landlines (in general) is the lack of telephone lines. Not online does this immediately reduce the amount of time needed to remove everything and get them transferred, but it’s also less risky- financially and from a convenience and health and safety stand point. VoIP phones are plug and play devices, as they use your internet connection to makes and receive calls.


Keep Your Current Number


You can also keep your current phone numbers; this is known as number porting and is another convenient positive of VoIP phones. There’s no need for your staff to have to remember a whole new set of numbers and avoid numerous headaches along the way. This is especially useful if your business number is part of your brand identity, saving you stress and money instantly. We all know how convenient is when you’re able to port your mobile number over to a new network when you switch. The same applies here, no need to add extra work in updating your websites and buying new business cards, everything ports over automatically.


Provides Flexible Working


Usually, if you have to move offices across the country, or even across the city, there is a risk of staff not being able to follow you due to the location of their home. With VoIP, this risk can be drastically minimised. Due to it’s immense flexibility, you can offer your staff the chance of telecommuting. With this, your staff are still on the phone network, just not in your office. This doesn’t mean they can’t work though, if they have a good internet connection they will be able to access the network with their home or mobile phone and work with colleagues in the office as if they were there. This allows you to even gain a footprint in other countries, with staff abroad who can still access your network, but operate outside your home nation, giving you easy and cost-effective access to new and potential markets.


Seamless Communication


If you’re a growing company then there are various ways that you can improve the call flow and general connection to your sites. For example, calls can be routed (or rerouted) to a different office or department depending on the needs of the caller. This is usually achieved via an auto attendant feature, which depending on your requirements, may come with your VoIP telephony package.

Calls can be transferred to different offices quickly and easily, using extension numbers. Calls between your offices are always free- regardless of location.


No Need for Technicians


With landline phones, if something goes wrong, you will likely need to call out a technician or engineer and maybe even send staff home early if it’s really bad. With VoIP phones though, there are less moving parts so to speak, simply just the handset and your internet connection, so there is instantly less than can go wrong overall. Remote diagnosis should come as part of your telephony package so with VoIP you will incur no additional cost should something go wrong. There’s no need to send for a technician which can have a snowball effect elsewhere. It’s less to worry about financially, less people to keep on your accounts and reliability increases as you update your system.


What if the Internet goes down? If your mobile is connected to the work phone network, you can get all calls rerouted to your mobile.


No matter your business size, moving your office is a big task that takes serious time and effort. Don’t make it any more time consuming and stressful than it needs to be.

Your telephony is likely a huge part of your business, and maybe one of the key ways your customers and clients get in touch with you. Don’t leave it to chance, VoIP can take the stress out of moving and improve your telephony experience.


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