Fees & Charges.

Applicable for all executed contracts and quotations accpeted by the client through payment of relevant invoices and relating to SIP, Ethernet, WLR and Hosted Telephony Services

Notice to Terminate on the Anniversary or after the Minimum Term

You (usually The Customer named on page 1) named in the contract shall provide Us (Staveley Communications Ltd named on page 1) 90 days notice to terminate the service on or after the minimum term. Notice must be sent to accounts@www.staveleycom.com.

Once we receive your notice in writing via email we will apply the notice to the next full working day from the date of the received email from you.


When does the minimum term start?

Your term begins on the date you first ordered service (the “Subscription Date”), or the date we successfully process your payment or the date the SIP, ETHERNET,WLR or HOSTED TELEPHONE SERVICE are made active, whichever is later.


PSTN Cessation Fees

To cancel a PSTN line after the minimum term a charge may be applied.


BB Cessation Fees

To cancel a Broadband (FTTC, ADSL) after the minimum term a charge of £55 will be levied.


SIP Trunk Cessation Fees

To cancel a SIP trunk after the minimum term a charge of £75 will be levied. A further £75 will be charged if the service included Active Standby.


Number Export charges

A charge will be levied to move numbers away from our 3rd party SIP providers to another provider. This charge will be based on the numbers of DDI numbers being moved and the charges imposed by our 3rd party SIP provider. All charges will be presented to the client before an export is undertaken.


Where to find most recent rate sheets

All of our rates for Inbound and outbound calls are available from our resources section at https://www.staveleycom.com/resources

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