Relationships are about trust and loyalty. It’s important to review all facets of a relationship – both personal or professional – before a commitment is made in order to avoid the headache, heartache and expense that can come with a breakup.

You only have to look at this year’s Love Island series to see how messy things can get if you settle for less (we’re looking at you, Teddy and Faye!)

What about when you’re investing in your business? Selecting the right phone provider is key and it’s crucial to do your homework before signing on the dotted line.

When it comes to considering an On-premise or Cloud phone solution, there are early warning signs that tell you when things probably won’t work out. You just need to know how to recognise them.

Here, we bring you 3 major red flags that a phone provider is NOT a match for you:


1. They’re self-centred

If it looks like a phone provider only cares about their own gains from a partnership, then they probably do.

Beware of going into a relationship like this as such a partner can be unreliable and difficult to work with.

One good way to spot a self-centred provider is if they fail to highlight the BENEFITS you will gain from using their service, and instead focus on things like price and monthly subscriptions.

When things don’t go as planned, they may even be defensive and look to place blame on anyone but themselves.

You need to seek out a phone provider that understands the challenges your business faces and offers a viable, cost-effective solution.

Like most relationships, there needs to be an element of give-and-take. And if you’re the customer, you should be gaining more than you’re putting in.


2. They’re inflexible

If a phone provider takes on a one-size-fits-all approach, alarm bells should begin to ring.

Every business is different and so a phone provider should be able to adapt and meet your needs however complex they may be.

A key sign of a good partner is that they want to see their other half flourish. Similarly, a good phone provider should strive to make you look good and drive success to your business.

3. They’re not thinking about the future

It’s important to keep in mind that your business demands will change over time. Could you envisage working with this partner in the long run? Will they be able to keep up with your requirements as you grow?

It’s all well and good enjoying the here and now but a¬†proactive vendor puts your business one step ahead of the competition, so you’re ready to handle unpredictable issues that may come your way.



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