What are SIP Trunks?


SIP trunks are a communications protocol that replaces old fashioned, analogue land lines by unifying voice and data communications. SIP allows the combination of voice and data services over a single internet connection to create one, inexpensive, easy to manage network.


Why should you make the switch though? Here are just some of the potential benefits:





Firstly, you could save as much as 60% compared to traditional phone lines. Long distance call charges to countries such as the US and Canada are virtually non-existent or minimal if you need them.



It’s Easy to Scale up or Down


Unlike traditional telephone lines you’re used to dealing with, SIP trunks are sold by the channel. This means you can purchase exactly the number of channels you need, whenever you need them. You aren’t overpaying for something you don’t need, you’re getting exactly what you want, and nothing more, or less.



It Works with Almost any PBX


Assuming you have a modern broadband internet connection (what business doesn’t nowadays?) you probably have all the infrastructure required to connect with SIP.



It’s Easy to Administer


Even if you or your employees aren’t telecoms expert, changes can still easily to your service with the provided control panel, which are usually very user-friendly, no matter the age or experience of the user.



It Provides Business Continuity


Small businesses in particular can impacted when a man-made or natural disaster causes damage to the office; whether you’ve lost power, or something has happened which prevent staff from getting to the office.


In the event of a technical problem in your area, traffic can be re-routed to another so business operations can remain seamless, almost as if nothing has happened. If necessary, calls can be easily sent to other locations, home phones, or mobile devices for example.

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