Siklu’s New EtherHaul-2500FX and 500TX are the latest releases in Siklu’s radio link range. No matter your price range there is an option for you, and here just some of the benefits of using Siklu:




The EH-2500FX can provide a 2Gbps capacity and accelerated broadband connections via an extended reach, even in remote and rural locations, with a boosted network performance; substantial savings can be made.


Siklu 2500

Product Benefits

  • Interference-free band facilitates fast frequency planning, while ensuring carrier-grade predicted performance.
  • Field proven advanced all-silicon integration increases reliability and reduces CAPEX.
  • Boosted transmit power, enhanced system gain and wider operation channels, are combined to deliver 2Gbps fibre-like performance and enable competitive Gigabit service roll-outs even to remote locations with additional range.
  • Hitless adaptive bandwidth coding and modulation, synced with out-of-the-box 8 levels QoS ensure correlated payload prioritization.
  • 2-step capacity licensing for competitive roll-outs and profitable capacity expansions.
  • Built-in Gigabit switch with extra copper and fibre ports to expedite deployment and enables seamless cascading.
  • Simplified commissioning and maintenance with zero touch installation and auto-activation from NOC, integrated spectrum analyzer and TCP/UDP capacity tester.
  • <80µSec latency facilitates extended cascading while maintaining accurate timing and synchronisation, and slashed streaming delays.
  • Multiple antenna options for easy in-field installations.
  • Provides unbeatable £/Mb.



EtherHaul- 500TX

Affordable street level connectivity for up to 200Mbps. perfect for safe city sensor video surveillance connectivity.

Siklu 500

Product Benefits

  •  Interference-free 60GHz band facilitates dense deployment and fast frequency planning
  • Easy site acquisition and installation on street furniture thanks to minimal palm-sized one box solution
  • 11x non-overlapping, user-selectable channels improve scalability even in dense deployments
  • Integrated antenna and GbE switch with PoE-In and dual PoE-Out eliminate need for external devices for servicing and cascading
  • Sub-millisecond latency facilitates extended cascading while maintaining fibre-like streaming delays, and reducing the number of high OPEX aggregations points
  • Designed for easy installation and commissioning using embedded tools to optimize channel selection, load testing and zero-touch commissioning
  • Installation and support of Siklu radios can be performed by anyone, with minimal training
  • One part number support of both 57-64GHz and 64-66GHz sub-bands
  • Carrier grade predictable performance ideal for mission critical network connectivity, such as video surveillance, safe city sensors and Wi-Fi back-hauling.

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