The Internet has forever changed how people consume media, shop, work and how businesses and consumers communicate. For example, we are seeing older, traditional business telephone systems getting replaced with newer technologies that use and transmit over an internet connection, rather than via traditional phone lines.The technical term for this is known as SIP trunking. If you’d like to get started with SIP but don’t know where to begin, we can help you get an idea of what it can do for you by looking at the basics.


What is SIP?


SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and works to establish a voice or video communication session over a network. Think of SIP as the technology that sets the rules and establishes the basic language for internet based communications.


SIP Trunking Technology


A SIP trunk is a group of SIP channels. Each of these individual SIP channels can manage a single incoming or outgoing telephone call.  When a call comes in, the SIP channel takes the voice signal and routes it to the network that handles worldwide telephone traffic, known as the Public Switched Telephone Network or PSTN. This basically allows one phone, regardless of type, to call another.


Reasons to Consider SIP Trunking


So why are many businesses making the switch to SIP? The main reason is the cost-effectiveness. SIP trunks are often sold as “unlimited,” meaning that most local and long distance calls don’t incur a toll charge. This makes monthly expenses more predictable and easier to understand for the customer.

In addition to cost savings, SIP trunks also make it easier to add further, unified communications. This can include things such as audio and video conferencing and visual voicemail. This means you’re getting more features that can benefit your business beyond what you would usually get with a traditional telephone line. There is only one network to manage and support when you use SIP. The voice system uses the same internet connection as your data, making it very easy to support and manage technically.

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