Like many businesses, you might be considering moving away from traditional phone lines and towards more convenient and cost-effective solutions like VoIP, IP Phones and SIP Trunking. Talking about these things with your staff, in particular your less tech-savvy staff might be difficult. Thankfully, we have assembled a list of do’s and don’ts to help you gain the best deal for you.


SIP Trunking Do’s


Find out how many channels you will need.


The standard way of selling SIP trunks is in channels. One channel represents one incoming or outgoing phone call. Many businesses require about one channel for every three to four employees, but everyone’s needs will vary based on how your business works and the general volume of calls that go in or out everyday.


Make sure your internet bandwidth is sufficient to support SIP.


Your business internet will almost certainly be suitable and sufficient to run SIP phones, it might be worth running a speed test to make sure. If you do find that calls do sometimes drop, have poor/robotic sound quality then you may need to upgrade your internet to a faster service to handle the high amount of calls.



Select a plan with unlimited calls abroad.


Sip trunking can reduce your communications costs. It will also make calls abroad more predictable and easier to manage, with a known fixed cost.



Trial out the service.


If you’re unsure if SIP is for you or want to see it action, give the service a trial/demo. It won’t cost you anything and you could can get an idea how it works, on your own premise.



SIP Trunking Dont’s





It is important to sign a deal with a vendor that will let you scale up – or down – anytime you want, if you’re an ambitious business and are looking to grow quickly and add more staff over a short period of time, this will mean you’ll need to add more channels. If you sign a long-term deal that includes a fixed number of channels then it could be a problem further down the line. Ensure your vendor allows you to be flexible.



Knowing Your Costs


It is important to make sure that you understand the costs of setting up SIP Trunks. There will be the initial set up, monthly fees, international calling rates, and other costs such as taxes and fees. It is important to ensure that you’re aware of all the costs that can incur upon set up.

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