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Virtual telephony, hosted telephony, PBX in the cloud – you may have come across these terms, especially if you’re a relatively small business or one that’s just starting out.

We deliver hosted telephony services over your internet connection using VoIP, providing for an affordable and very easy to manage calling solution with enterprise-level features that the entire company has access to.

Low Costs

Per User
With a hosted PBX solution, there’s no need to pay any maintenance fees on a big box since the telephone is delivered right to your business over the internet. We can save you nearly 50% off your regular phone bill and about 80% on what it might cost to get a regular PBX system. [please change these numbers as appropriate]. At the end of the day, there’s plenty of savings to be had per user.

Look Bigger

Multiple Area Codes
With all the savings you’ll be making, why not have hosted business telephone numbers with multiple area codes activated through the cloud. We’ll make available as many official business numbers as you need with the area codes you desire to make you look bigger and more formidable.



You can make your small business or startup look bigger yet by using an automated virtual receptionist over VoIP which can save you even more costs by eliminating the need for a regular receptionist.



Have calls routed efficiently, different menus played according to business hours, look “bigger” and more professional, and replace the need for a regular receptionist which can often be very expensive.

Our auto attendant feature can easily get callers connected with who they need to within the business and transfer seamlessly to voicemail, call queues or ring groups when required.

Work From

Whether you’re away from the office or the city or even in another country, keep in contact with your clients and employees through our hosted “always on” business telephones, where you don’t have to pay any extra roaming charges.

Short Term

Use your hosted telephone system only as long as you need to and invest in the features that you need for the moment. There’s no long-term contract so you won’t ever feel that you’re locked into an agreement just to enjoy a reliable business telephone.

Short Term

Web Portal Admin
Providing a simple and user-friendly web interface, manage all hosted telephony features through a dedicated portal admin and fix issues on the go if need be.

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