With the various features available  for VoIP telephone systems, it can be easy to get lost in it all and miss out on some of the features that flew under your radar. One of these could be call analytics. The idea of being able to track and physical see visual data in relation to telephone calls has been something greatly desired for some time. Now, with VoIP phones, it’s a genuine reality. It can provide you with insights into employee performance and your overall sales campaigns. In time, you’ll be able to use this data and report back to your staff with useful feedback on their strengths and weaknesses, as well as being able to improve efficiency within your business.


What Can I Analyse?


With Call Analytics, you’ll be able to report on data such as how many calls you receive at a given time, find out when phone traffic spikes occur, where do your calls come from geographically, how long they last and how long the customer had to wait before their call was answered. It helps you understand your customers better and it means you can work around them and ensure they’re getting the best performance possible from your staff.


Create the Best Call Experience


The most obvious area call analytics can help your business is in the customer service department; especially for those companies who have technical support or customer service teams based in various call centre’s across the country. By tracking key metrics such as call length and response time, managers can identify certain patterns in customer behaviour, including when busier and quieter hours are, meaning you can accommodate for fluctuations and react more quickly.


Provide Employee Feedback on Performance


Being able to improve a customer’s experience greatly depends on employee performance, no matter how prepared you are as a manager. Analysing data like call volume, duration and call count, you can paint a clear picture of how a certain employee has performed over any given time in. It is a simple, discreet and convenient way to understand if an employee needs further training in a certain area, or if an employee is performing really well and deserves a promotion.


Spot Customer Trends


“Calls may be recorded for training purposes.”


We’ve all heard that one before. In the case of VoIP calls analytics you can record and listen back to as many calls as you need- this is an additional service that may be included in your package for free or for a small extra cost  This can be an invaluable service than can really give your business a boost. In-depth speech analytics software for example can be used to delve into the small details of conversations, analysing the tone and pitch of a callers voice and listening out for any keywords; reporting on how, and how commonly they’re used for example. You can even search through your call recordings using these keywords, so a manager can search for the word ‘unhappy’ or ‘cancel’ and be able to listen to all calls that contain that word and see if he or she can spot any consistent trends. Maybe customers are complaining of a very particular issue and if so, he can report this without having to even consult his staff.


VoIP Call Analytics can be a game-changer for your business, especially if you operate a large sales or customer service team. Managers no longer need to sit with their staff and listen in on calls, using up their own time. It is now possible to easily and discreetly listen in on call recordings and search through them and quickly understand what went right and wrong throughout the campaign. This is beneficial to your staff and customers as they both benefit from the potential improvement in your service and performance over time.

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