It might seem like a no-brainer for some, but with the amount of communication options available some businesses forego the option of having a public phone number, instead choosing options such as email and instant chat to engage their clients or customers.


Still, over 4m businesses in the UK rely on a telephone number as a point of contact opportunity. Some companies have more outgoing calls than incoming, and it can be vice-versa for others. If you’re one of those businesses that require a public phone number, then we may be able to help you. The telephone number you give can be a key factor in deciding if the client/customer will actually use your service. A mobile phone for example can seem a bit unprofessional to some people. This is why it is worth having one; it gives off a professional image, almost as a placebo.


So, which telephone number is best for me?


01 and 02 numbers are generally for local businesses- if you only work within your town or city and generally make your money from clients/customers from the local vicinity, this may be the best option for you. It can often help people get an idea that you’re apart of the local business community and those who enjoy backing local business may take to you.


0800 numbers are the best option if you want to generate calls and give the best impression to your customers. These are free to call and are the most common for most national businesses. If you’re looking to expand and grow as a business at a fast rate,consider a 0800 telephone number.


Although there are other options, these are the main phone numbers available to you as a business. There is also the option of 0871 number which can be used to generate extra income. The caller will be charged when calling this number, and this cost can range from 10p to 40p per minute.


Whether if you want to open a public line for your customers to engage with you, or perhaps you just want to generate a few extra £’s a month, there are many reasons why you should get a telephone number, and with VoIP you can open a new world of telephony for your office at an agreeable price .

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