Every business that requires communication- be it with their customers, clients or colleagues, will use a telephone in some form or another.


Despite it’s importance however, not all businesses have a maintenance cover plan in place should their phone system come across problems. This might be the case for a variety of reasons – the obvious one is because of the costs involved, many managers and directors may not feel that it’s necessary or don’t think anything will go wrong. Or perhaps they will simply cross that bridge when they come to it. This could be a costly mistake for all involved.


If indeed, there is a problem with your telephone system and you don’t have adequate cover, then the call out charge for an engineer to visit your office could range from £70 up to over £200 an hour. These charges would then increase further (and substantially) for any work required.


Add to this the cost of any hardware that could need replacing and the overall costs could escalate even further. Hardware costs for small, simple telephone systems may be minimal, but for larger enterprises using more bigger, more complex systems and hardware, the costs can potentially get in to tens of thousands. For example, if a company is using an Avaya Aura system, they could see a bill for over £10,000 just for a single media processor card if it needs to be replaced.


Whilst businesses expect technology to work as it should, and rightly so, but it is not always the case due to technical hiccups, software incompatibility, even something like poor storage conditions or a disaster occurring at the office. It is therefore worth considering the idea of covering your businesses tech in the event of any issues, big or small. Telephone maintenance cover can start at less than £1 per day for basic cover, up to more advanced bespoke cover plans depending on requirements. No matter your business size or what level of cover you need; it is an investment worth considering.

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