SIP Trunking.


SIP trunks are quickly becoming standard technology, enabling businesses to use their telephones without using an expensive and diminishing ISDN circuit.

BT plans to switch off ISDN lines by 2025 – all businesses will need to incorporate SIP trunk lines before that; choosing the right SIP trunking partner and how the SIP trunks are delivered to the businesses will be critical.

More Flexible

SIP trunking offers a significantly more flexible and cost-savvy alternative to ISDN lines when it comes to inbound/outbound voice calls.

More Economical

Our SIP telephone systems are far more economical and, flexible in terms of where and how geographical phone numbers can be used.

Easy Setup

Get set up easily, move all telephone lines with your business and keep your existing ISDN numbers and add extra lines within minutes.

Switch Over

Conveniently switch over from your PBX network to SIP lines, and enjoy better flexibility and resilience, as well as cheaper calls with bundled minutes.

Why Choose


No matter how large or small your business may be, you need a robust continuity plan for your telecommunications network.

Invest in our affordable resilience, protect yourself from phone misuse and hacking, and allow us to help you move to a hosted SIP solution with minimum hassle, while providing unbelievable value in the process.

Pricing & Plans.

Starting from just £7.50 a month your business can benefit from all inclusive SIP trunks



per SIP

FREE Calls to 01, 02 & 03

FREE Calls to Mobiles (07)*

Standard Resilience

12/36* Month Contract



per SIP

FREE Calls to 01, 02 & 03

FREE Calls to Mobiles (07)*


12/36* Month Contract

Active Standby


per SIP

FREE Calls to 01, 02 & 03

FREE Calls to Mobiles (07)*

Auto Failover

12/36* Month Contract

DR Manager



Web/Portal Control

iPhone, iPad & Android App

Time-Based Conditions

Unlimited DR Routing

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