Simply investing in a business telephone system may not suffice, if you want to ensure its high efficiency at all times. You also need to give due consideration to telephone system maintenance and upgrade. This article elaborates on reasons concerning the need to upgrade your telephone systems.


A perfectly performing telephone system may not necessarily be regarded as an effective business telephone system. Businesses today need to ensure that their telephone systems have functionalities that facilitate their growth and success. They need to invest in telephone system maintenance to ensure that they deliver to their full potential at all times. Failure to do so might result in businesses having to pay substantial opportunity cost.


Your business telephone systems may not work to their full potential always. Each technology backed device remains effectively operational for a particular period of time. As your business telephone system is to grow old, the need for telephone system maintenance is to increase proportionally.


Moreover, it is likely that you may have a traditional telephone system that belongs to pre-internet era. Pre-internet era business telephone systems were strictly designed to establish connection within an organisation and their functionality ended beyond this purpose. These fail to offer support in areas like cost reduction, time optimisation and enhancement of customer experience. Modern business telephone systems that are backed by latest technology such as AVAYA IP Office 500 have features to actively facilitate SMEs with cost reduction, time saving and efficient customer care.


Neglecting the need for telephone system maintenance and upgrade, you will only be able to benefit from short-term financial gains. Relying on out-dated telephone systems for business communication, you are to lose out on benefits pertaining to higher efficiency and cost reduction that ensure stability and success in the long run.


Many of you might find it convenient to continue with your existing business telephone systems for the time being. However, you fail to realise that neglecting the need for telephone system maintenance and upgrade is a cause for future inconvenience. Upgrading your existing telephone system to a high-performing, feature-rich and robust communication facility such as AVAYA telephone systems will prove to be worthy investment for your business.


Nature and mode of communication for SMEs have undergone significant change overtime. Use of business telephone systems is no more limited to making and receiving calls only. It has become more dynamic and diverse. SMEs now have various options for choosing an advanced and effective business telephone system, and AVAYA IP office 500 leads the pack. AVAYA telephone systems can be easily integrated into your existing organisational structure to deliver measurable results.


AVAYA IP Office 500 has been designed to support and facilitate the growth of SMEs in various areas. AVAYA telephone systems lead to enhanced customer care, increased efficiency, simplified property choices and employment decisions, cost reduction, etc.


Cost Reduction through AVAYA IP Office Business Telephone Systems


Through telephone system maintenance and upgrade you can integrate AVAYA IP Office across your entire organisation for increased productivity and cost reduction. According to Tolly Group 1, AVAYA telephone systems require 25% less capital and maintenance investment than other business telephone systems. Through IP Office telephone systems, you can significantly reduce your overhead costs and increase your sales. Moreover, AVAYA telephone systems are highly flexible and can be easily upgraded for future use, offering investment protection of up to 60%.


Expand the Role of Your Business Telephone Systems?


Business telephone systems are now considered as a tool for supporting business growth. Hence, investing in telephone system maintenance and upgrade, you actually gain access to a useful resource to stay ahead of the competition.


Previously, advanced communication solution similar to AVAYA IP Office 500 were only accessible to large companies and organisations. Moreover, these business telephone systems also used to be quite expensive and out of SMEs’ range. However, the scenario has changed with the arrival of AVAYA telephone systems. IP Office allows SMEs to benefit from high-tech communication solutions such as work mobility and video collaboration- facilities that previously were only available to large organisations.


AVAYA IP Office is a technology backed communication mechanism that offers enhanced customer support, increased productivity and cost reduction at an affordable price.


Do You Think You Need to Upgrade Your Business Telephone System?


Before investing in a new business telephone system, you may consider following aspects to be sure of your decision. You may invest in a new telephone system or telephone system upgrade if:


  • You have a business telephone system that is more than three years old
  • You work remotely or have a mobile work force
  • Considerable time has elapsed since you last upgraded your current telephone system
  • Your communication hardware or software is no longer supported
  • You need to record phone calls to improve worker training
  • Your business is in a growth phase
  • You are shifting your base
  • You need to conduct conference calls
  • Efficient email and mobile conversation is a rudimentary requirement of your business
  • You mainly depend on your telephone system for sales and repair


However, you may give another thought to investing in a new business telephone system or telephone system upgrade if:


  • You operate through a single office
  • Your existing telephone system is less than three years old
  • You do not need to conduct conference calls
  • Communication is not vital for the survival and success of your business
  • You do not work remotely and do not have a mobile work force
  • You do not rely on your telephone system for sales and repair


Demos for AVAYA IP Office 500


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