It is agreed by many professionals across a wide variety of industries and sectors that video conferencing helps and blossom innovation and boosts productivity. A recent survey of 4,000 workers, showed that close to 85% said that video conferencing made them more creative overall in their office environment. Face-to-face interaction, is by far the most important spur to creative innovation in offices today.


Companies really do to get people to conference, so much so that they are spending a lot of money on creating offices in which workers are encouraged to chat via their computer or smartphone. Zurich-based headphones manufacturer SkullCandy is a great example of this. In their offices, you will find desks that are designed like puzzles, so workers can fit them together to conference more easily, whether it’s to keep them on their toes during a Wednesday afternoon or to break the ice for the new employee.


Since you can have face-to-face video conferences for free on your mobile phone whenever you want via the front-facing camera, why do you have to redesign the office space?


Surprisingly, workers that mingle and work together more often tend to video conference more than those that never see each other. They get the conferencing going in an informal chat, and then keep it going face-to-face on video like it’s completely natural.


All it takes are a couple of clicks to have a video conference, and just like, you’re looking at the person you want to talk to. You can add other people to the conversation with just a few clicks as well.


And all of this is entirely free. Save the budget to rebuild the office into a massive meeting hall. It is worth investing in video conferencing; not only will it improve staff efficiency but the fact that it comes with little to no extra cost when you sign up to a new telephony deal means that it is risk-free and worth a try!


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