A Virtual Number is a a telephone number that is not connected or associated with any physical phone line. Incoming calls are usually forwarded to another phone- be it a mobile, landline or VoIP. The latter in particular, are commonly used in conjunction with Virtual Numbers by many businesses to create a serious phone presence.


Create a professional image

You can have an unlimited amount of virtual numbers, so it means that each department, each section and even each desk can have their own number unique to them. This means that customers can call a number directly to the correct department each time, quickly and conveniently, without the need for clunky redirection. This will help maintain a professional image over time as your customers are not left hanging, ensuring their queries are sent to the right department.


Increase Accessibility

Already having multiple virtual numbers is a good start in this regard, however it is also important to cater for mobile users. With so many people having access to a mobile phone, it should be of vital importance to include your virtual numbers in areas such as email signatures and across your website. A VoIP click-to-call button is becoming increasingly invaluable for many businesses- it means that people can contact you without leaving your website and is user-friendly for those browsing on a smartphone.


Data Insight

With Virtual Numbers you are able to track certain campaigns and see if they are doing well or not. For example, you can buy a virtual number specifically for a new sales campaign and you can get an idea of how customers and clients have responded to it by tracking the progress on all calls, what time of day works best and which agent is doing the best job.


Location Does Not Matter

Virtual numbers are not tied to a desk like a regular phone number, staff can communicate regardless of location, as long as there’s a phone signal, no matter the device. It is also possible to route calls to several different employees at once to make sure calls are always answered.


Virtual Numbers are growing in popularity and have become integral parts of business telephony in the 21st century. The idea of calling a business, only to be greeted by a clunky switchboard that can’t understand you, is something of the past. With Virtual Numbers, you can ensure every department has their own number, and even if staff are out of the office, they can still receive and make calls on the assigned phone number.


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