It doesn’t matter what the size or scale of your business is, it is incredibly likely that you won’t be able to operate to full potential without a telephone service. It is the most efficient and reliable form of communication available.


A popular option for businesses that need a telephone system is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution. VoIP phone systems are capable of bringing many features and benefits to your business at a cost-effective rate compared to older analogue phone deals. Regardless of your size or industry, even your individual needs, there is a VoIP solution available for everyone.


The Tourism Industry

Communication is a major and crucial for various businesses in the tourism industry, customer service especially, is an imperative part of the industry and will play a major role in the success of the business. Utilising the power of a VoIP telephone system is a good way to ensure an effective communication service to your customers. The auto attendant feature, for example, can help manage call flow, ensuring that everyone is routed and delivered to the right departments and get through to the right person. Useful for major hotels in big cities that will engage in large-scale operations on a daily basis, with many people answering to their respective areas.


The Health Industry

VoIP can also be applied to other industry such as Health. There are many departments, with their own off-shots and it can be a literal matter of life and death when it comes to getting through to the right person in some circumstances.


On a less urgent note, VoIP can also be beneficial to receptionists, for example the phone system can be synced to a CRM system so that when a patient makes a call, their information such as their history, medical records, and any other relevant details appears quickly on the receptionist’s monitor, not only allowing for a better customer service experience, but it makes the receptionist’s job far easier.


The Finance and Insurance Industry

In areas of industry that need access to communication quickly at anytime due to it’s unpredictability such as the finance and insurance industry, features such as the softphone (follow me) access will be invaluable when you’re out of the office. Calls can even be diverted to another person or colleague if you’re busy.


Of course, these are just a few examples of how a VoIP phone service can help workers and businesses across the country; many of the situations shown here can be easily applied to many other sectors and businesses. If you’ve been convinced that a VoIP phone service could be beneficial in your office, you can compare prices here and find out what is best for you.

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