Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a telecoms tool that can help companies communicate over the internet using voice, video and text. It’s been able to solve and get around many issues of telephony of old and you could also take advantage of it.


Improves How You Communicate


Success in business is intrinsically linked to how well and effectively someone is able to communicate. VoIP allows office colleagues to speak to one another via live voice or video calls over the internet. This is can be massively useful for companies that operate on a large scale,saving staff from time-costly long-distance meetings. Also, less traveling means less expense, so you get to save time and money in the long run.


Reduces Delays and Problems


Let’s be honest, most customers don’t want to be on the phone for much longer than they need to be. Research has highlighted how long waiting times can affect customers- if they’re unhappy they will simply find another provider. With VoIP solutions, you can avoid customer flight and dissatisfaction  as intelligent Intelligent Voice Recongition (IVR) will direct them to where they need to be.


Correctly Routes Calls


For many businesses, staff are not fixed to the office chair for the duration of the working day anymore. They’re meeting important clients and customers, whether it’s just down the road, or at the other end of the country. This is where VoIP’s ability to route calls comes in handy, ensuring that the call connects to the correct person. They may also be using a Softphone, which ensures their office calls get rerouted to their mobile phone should they be away from their desk.


Easy Over-the-Phone Forwarding


Sometimes messages get lost, misread or mismanaged, either through human error or a problem with the system. With VoIP, these situations can be avoided as it lets you forward the voicemail transcript with one click via a user friendly handset.


VoIP Analytics


A VoIP system can gather a variety of telecommunications data so that you can understand your network better. You can find out the most common call time from your clients and customers and even work out staff performance; what approach works, and what doesn’t etc.


Decrease Cost and Expenditure


Before the Internet came along, large businesses were limited in the amount of prospective customers (and to a lesser extent; staff) they could take on due to location. Fortunately, this no longer matters. The emergence of VoIP has meant that companies can expand easily due to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of super-fast broadband. Companies can easily engage with customers and clients all around the world at little cost. They can even take on staff based outside of the country they operate in.

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