If you’re a business that relies on outsourcing your staff or general business activity, you already know the importance of reaching out beyond the usual pool of talent. For instance, it is likely you have employees based all over the world, in countries that you could have only dreamed about operating in when you started up the business. If you’re thinking about starting to outsource your work, it can seem daunting at first, however with emerging and established technologies it has never been easier and VoIP has had a large role to play in this. From Telephone System Maintenance to free calls to any country there are endless possibilities.


Firstly, installing a VoIP telephone service means that you can make (depending on your service package) as many calls abroad as you want for free (or at a very small cost.) Not only does this mean you can have agents all over there world, giving you a footprint in many potential new markets at a very small cost, but you can train employees without the need and hassle of travel. Everything can be done remotely over VoIP, reducing fees, employee time and increasing your businesses green credentials to boot.


You can also provide a boost to your call-centre/sales areas. Many businesses often use external companies and firms to take care of these operations such as technical support, customer helplines etc without employing their own staff. You may see other businesses combine their outsourced services with an in-house or local call centre to help increase capacity or to provide 24/7 support, or simply boost numbers during busy periods like Christmas.


VoIP allows businesses to run their call centre with an advanced set of phone features available to all their employees, this includes call analytics (which can help improve employee performance), auto attendant (to help route customers to the right person/department) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software integration. Combine this with the use of international virtual numbers which can be customised to route/reroute calls to an overseas call centre during after-hour periods or weekends, or when there is a large volume of calls and extra help may be necessary for staff workload.


Outsourcing allows businesses to avoid getting bogged down, and helps them shift their attention and resources to areas that can help the business grow become a success With the help of VoIP, businesses can gain that competitive advantage through recruitment abroad at a fraction of a cost, collaboration features that are not limited by international boundaries, and of course, cost-effective telephony to the UK and abroad.

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